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Watch Here Alone 2016 Online

A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

Watch How to Save Us 2014 Online

Brian Everett's younger brother Sam goes missing on the island of Tasmania during the middle of a mysterious quarantine forcing Brian to traverse across enemy lines to save his brother from an army of ghosts.

Watch Haunted High 2012 Online

A New England private school is visited by a demonic dead headmaster.

Watch Hollow Man II 2006 Online

A Seattle detective and a biologist are on the run from a dangerous invisible assassin gone rogue.

Watch Horror Hotel The Movie 2016 Online

The anthology series continues dishing out short slices of sci-fi/mystery/suspense tales with plenty of quirky characters and twisted endings suitable for family viewing. Aliens, clones, brain robbers, psychos and more are caught up in extraordinary situations at this mysterious motel located in rural Georgia.

Watch Humanoids from the Deep 1980 Online

They're not human. But they hunt human women. Not for killing. For mating.

Watch Hellraiser: Bloodline 1996 Online

In the 22nd century, a scientist attempts to right the wrong his ancestor created: the puzzle box that opens the gates of Hell and unleashes Pinhead and his Cenobite legions.

Watch Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982 Online

A large Halloween mask-making company has plans to kill millions of American children with something sinister hidden in Halloween masks.

Watch Harbinger Down 2015 Online

Aboard Harbinger, the crabbing ship manned by Graff (Lance Henriksen) and his crew, the graduate student and granddaughter to Graff, Sadie (Camille Balsamo), attempts to study climate change and its effects on whales in the Bering Sea when the ship comes across a mysterious frozen pod...

Watch Humans Versus Zombies 2011 Online

Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name...

Watch Hungerford 2014 Online

The lives of a group of teenagers are turned upside down when their town is taken over by sinister forces.

Watch Hangar 10 2014 Online

33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region, capture incredible footage of UFO's whilst filming their expedition. As night falls and with their navigation equipment failing, they find themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.